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Table of Content – Full Stop Punctuation

  1. Give it some time.
  2. Do some self-reflection.
  3. Identify what you feel were the major problems in the relationship.
  4. Work on yourself in the meantime.
  5. Make some concrete changes now.
  6. Reach out when you feel like you’ve changed.

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Full Stop Punctuation – The DOT – . – ( . )

Details for the importance of the Full Stop Punctuation – The DOT – . – ( . ) :

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Full Stop Punctuation

What does Full Stop Punctuation – The DOT – . – ( . )  mean?

In punctuation, the full stop or period is a punctuation mark placed at the end of a sentence. The Full Stop Punctuation glyph is sometimes called a baseline dot because, typographically, it is a dot on the baseline.

Full Stop Punctuation < . > Usage

Full stops are used to indicate the end of sentences which are not questions or exclamations.

Full stops after initials

It is usual to use full stops after initials; e.g. A. A. Milne, George W. Bush.

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